​We help companies and HR departments integrate new technologies into their training programs. We deeply analyze our partners' businesses to overcome challenges and seize opportunities, using technology to deliver scale, personalization and efficiency.
Each week brings a new technology or emerging AI. What used to take months to develop can now be done at the push of a button. With the speed of change, it's impossible to keep up with everything. Therefore, understanding the ‘why’ before the ‘how’ is crucial.
NextGen was founded on over 40 years of experience in enabling technology. In the past, each e-learning module was manually programmed, and a 45-minute course could take months to develop. Needs assessment often took place in one year and training in another.
Previously, we competed only with SMS or side conversations; Now we compete for attention with TikTok, Instagram, YouTube and WhatsApp. To complicate things, we only have 8 seconds to capture attention, otherwise learners switch to another medium.
Although technology is more accessible, the quantity and quality of knowledge required for any corporate position has also increased considerably. Updating knowledge and skills has never been so important for business success.
Amid this turbulent sea, full of opportunities, NextGen is prepared to help you navigate. Whether you're looking for speed or accuracy, we're here to be your guide. Whether piloting the vessel or acting as your GPS, we guarantee that you will reach your destination.










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